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In Depth with Matt Kemp


Graham sits down with two-time All-Star outfielder, Matt Kemp, in Los Angeles. Now in his first season with the Padres, the former Dodger opens up about not knowing how to play when he joined the majors, coping with fan and management criticism and narrowly losing the 2011 MVP. He also remembers growing up with his mom, almost purusing basketball over baseball and tears of joy when his first long-term contract was finalized.

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In Depth with Doug Ellin


Graham interviews the creator of HBO's Entourage, Doug Ellin, to discuss the upcoming feature film and his favorite athlete cameos from the series. Ellin remembers getting his start in the mailroom at New Line Cinema, the overwhelming success of the show, and offers a behind-the-scenes perspective of the cast and scripting the series. Graham also goes on set for a commercial shoot to promote the movie and speaks with Entourage stars Jeremy Piven and Jerry Ferrara.

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In Depth with Jerome Bettis


Graham sits down with Jerome Bettis in the Steelers’ locker room. The NFL legend recalls selling drugs in inner-city Detroit, the sport he loved long before football and his important interactions with Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. Bettis also shares why he nearly retired the year before the Steelers won it all and his upcoming Hall of Fame induction. Plus, Graham talks neighborhood pick-up games with Jerome and his brother, John, and gets a cooking lesson at Jerome Bettis Grille 36 in downtown Pittsburgh.

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