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John McEnroe invites Graham to both his tennis academy and art gallery in New York City to discuss those passions and reflect on his reputations as both a tennis superstar and a short-tempered bad boy in the sport. McEnroe shares stories of his rise to stardom, his love-hate relationship with anger and coping with the 2017 deaths of both parents. Plus, the tennis star turned TV personality talks of his fondest memories as a commentator and what life might be like once the celebrity spotlight fades.

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This week on In Depth, sports figures open up about their dealings with money, including incredible gains, life-changing losses and lessons learned along the way. Some of the biggest names in sports – including Wayne Gretzky, Emmitt Smith, Lewis Hamilton, Billie Jean King and Kevin Harvick – share stories ranging from early introductions to budgets to the mindset after signing that first big contact.

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Albert II, Prince of Monaco, invites Graham to his palace to discuss everything from leading a country to competing in five consecutive Olympic Games. Prince Albert reflects on the pressures of growing up royal as well as how he and his family coped with the tragic death of their mother, Princess Grace Kelly. Plus, the Prince drives Graham through portions of the Monaco Grand Prix en route to the Monaco Yacht Club, where Prince Albert shows off his 108-year-old sailboat.

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