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Season Four - In Depth with Rob Dyrdek


Graham sits down with Rob Dyrdek at the Fantasy Factory in L.A. The two talk about his early success in pro skating, as well as the unfulfillment which lead him to become a self-described “serial entrepreneur.” One of his biggest efforts has been Street League Skateboarding, and he reveals his ultimate goals for the league. Dyrdek recalls his success on MTV and the latest deal he signed with the network. He recalls his most dangerous stunts, and also gives Bensinger a tour of the Fantasy Factory, his headquarters and personal playground.

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Season Four - Terrell Owens


In their 2005 interview, T.O.’s comments to Graham resulted in his suspension from the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of the season. During their first conversation in eight years, T.O. discusses his new outlook on life, notable career moments, retirement, and Donovan McNabb. Plus, T.O. takes Graham bowling.

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