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Ten-time Pro Bowl left tackle, Joe Thomas - one of five players to earn the honor in each of his first 10 seasons - invites Graham to his Cleveland home for an In Depth conversation. The future Hall of Famer reflects on why he chose to fish with his dad instead of attend the NFL Draft, how he's already experiencing short-term memory loss and the moment a second-string tackle nearly ended Joe's inhuman streak of never missing an offensive snap in the NFL. Plus, Joe takes Graham to the Browns' practice facility for a workout and to Mission BBQ, where the two learn how to prepare its signature brisket dish.

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Olympic gold medalist and figure skating analyst, Scott Hamilton, invites Graham to his Nashville home for a candid conversation about his recent diagnosis of a third brain tumor. The two also discuss his lifelong battle with health issues, including testicular cancer, and how his unwavering optimism is carrying him through this latest setback.The iconic figure skater also talks about the massive pressure that came with winning Olympic gold and why he's partnering with the NHL's Nashville Predators. Plus, Hamilton takes Graham out on the ice for a lesson.

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Graham sits down with superstar point guard, Russell Westbrook, in Oklahoma City. The six-time NBA All-Star addresses the bad press he's received, why he plays the game mad and his much publicized relationship with former teammate, Kevin Durant. He also discusses his upbringing in South Central L.A. and the desire to express himself through fashion.

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