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Jim Brown


Graham sits down with Hall of Fame running back, Jim Brown, in the NFL legend's home. Brown, an eight-time rushing leader and three-time MVP, was equally as fierce as an activist for equal rights. He opens up about memorable moments from his playing career, quitting the NFL to pursue acting and his role advocating for social change. Brown also talks about the goals of his foundation and shares stories of the Hollywood lifestyle, including frequenting the Playboy Mansion (taped in 2010).

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Jesse James


Graham sits down with the mastermind behind "West Coast Choppers," Jesse James in his shop in Austin, Texas. James opens up about his troubled youth that included fights, stealing and jail time and how it cost him his promising football career. James also discusses the backlash from his highly-publicized divorce from Sandra Bullock, a possible "Monster Garage" comeback and his new business, manufacturing custom firearms.

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Arnold Palmer


Graham sits down with PGA Hall of Famer, Arnold Palmer, in his hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Palmer discusses his various presidential pals, including a close friendship with President Dwight Eisenhower. The four-time Masters winner is at times emotional as he opens up about the influence his father had on his life, his friend and rival Jack Nicklaus and his most significant accolades.

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