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Graham goes one-on-one with Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach, John Calipari. Coach Calipari shares stories from his successes in the NCAA, reveals his recruiting strategies and responds to criticism about molding NBA players. The Hall of Fame coach also opens up about his career goals, his biggest superstitions and takes Graham out to breakfast as part of a UK coach tradition.

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Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton invites Graham to Hawaii for a couple days of paddleboarding, Extreme Performance Training and a sit-down interview in which Hamilton opens up about his abusive childhood and a relentless pursuit to push boundaries today. Hamilton - who helped pioneer tow-in surfing and foilboarding - shares stories of near-death experiences while tackling some of the biggest waves in surfing history and how his personality traits thrive in the open water. Plus, his wife Gabrielle Reece joins the conversation to offer perspective on their marriage and   Laird's intensity.

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Graham is in Azerbaijan with Bernie Ecclestone - the man who made Formula 1 a worldwide sporting phenomenon and led the premier racing league until his 40-year reign ended in 2017. Ecclestone shares stories from early beginnings as a used car salesman to earning enormous wealth running F1 and bumpy business relations with Presidents Trump and Putin. We also talk with key members of the racing community (Niki Lauda, Nico Rosberg, Christian Horner), who share fond memories of working with the former F1 boss.

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