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Graham sits down with West Coast Choppers' Jesse James in his Austin, Texas shop. He looks back on a troubled youth, jail time and how it cost him a football career. Plus the expert welder discusses finding authenticity in his second marriage, a "Monster Garage" comeback and his custom firearms business.

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The biggest names in sports and beyond talk about relationships, from awkward first dates and memorable proposals, to heartfelt tributes and hilarious stories. Featured guests include Steph Curry, Clayton Kershaw, Jack Nicklaus, Mike Tyson, Wayne Gretzky and Joe Namath.

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Graham sits down with John Daly at his home in rural Arkansas. The popular, outspoken golf pro shares stories from more than two decades on the PGA Tour, including career wins, recent struggles with his game and personal battles with addiction off the course. Daly offers a tour his extensive memorabilia collection and his decked out Arkansas Razorbacks-themed RV, plus blasts monstrous drives from a tee box on his golf course.

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