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Dan Bilzerian - professional poker player and "King of Instagram" - sits down with Graham at his Las Vegas home. Bilzerian details some of his most outrageous bets as well as how he rebounded after going completely broke. He tells Graham about the wild adventures fame has brought him, including surviving two heart attacks and his mission to conquer the weed industry. Plus, Dan brings Graham to a Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s training session at the boxer's gym.

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Veteran Chiefs QB, Alex Smith, invites Graham to both his Kansas City condo and to Chiefs training camp for an In Depth look at his rising career and a discussion that includes the many obstacles Smith endured en route to his current role as the leader of the Chiefs. Smith talks openly about what it was like being a young QB charged with turning around a "dysfunctional" 49ers franchise, losing his job to Colin Kaepernick and why this could be his last year with the Chiefs, among many topics. The episode also includes conversations with those who know Smith best, including his wife, Elizabeth, Coach Andy Reid and Pro Bowl tight end, Travis Kelce.

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Albert II, Prince of Monaco, invites Graham to his palace to discuss everything from leading a country to competing in five consecutive Olympic Games. Prince Albert reflects on the pressures of growing up royal as well as how he and his family coped with the tragic death of their mother, Princess Grace Kelly. Plus, the Prince drives Graham through portions of the Monaco Grand Prix en route to the Monaco Yacht Club, where Prince Albert shows off his 108-year-old sailboat.

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