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Albert II, Prince of Monaco, invites Graham to his palace to discuss everything from leading a country to competing in five consecutive Olympic Games. Prince Albert reflects on the pressures of growing up royal as well as how he and his family coped with the tragic death of their mother, Princess Grace Kelly. Plus, the Prince drives Graham through portions of the Monaco Grand Prix en route to the Monaco Yacht Club, where Prince Albert shows off his 108-year-old sailboat.

Prince Albert II: No choice but to rule Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco on living his predetermined career as the head of state, including the realization at a young age that his life was different than his peers.

Prince Albert II: Am I really ready to rule?

Prince Albert II of Monaco reflects on his transition into power as the head of state, including the one criticism from his father, Prince Rainier III. Prince Albert II also shares a couple life lessons learned from his father and how he's applied those lessons now as a father himself.

Prince Albert II: Ridding Monaco of banking secrecy

Prince Albert II of Monaco reflects on his mission to repair his country's reputation for banking secrecy and how he met with top banking executives to convince them it was time for transparency.

Prince Albert II on F1's toughest negotiator and track

Prince Albert II of Monaco on dealings with "the godfather of Formula 1," Bernie Ecclestone and why the Monaco Grand Prix is regarded as the premier race within the F1 circuit.

Prince Albert II: Bobsledding as a royal Olympian

Prince Albert II of Monaco shares how a gift from his mother, Princess Grace Kelly, inspired him to compete as a bobsledder in the Winter Olympics. Plus, Prince Albert II discusses his preference to engage with other athletes at the Olympic Village and his wide variety of sports interests.

Prince Albert II: Raising a royal family

Prince Albert II of Monaco on how his love for Princess Charlene was sparked by a mutual interest and how they take measures to try and maintain a sense of normalcy while raising twins.

Prince Albert II: Tragic death of mom Grace Kelly

Prince Albert II of Monaco on the impact his mom, Princess Grace Kelly, had on Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III. Prince Albert II also recounts the moments during and after learning of his mom's fatal car crash in 1982.

Prince Albert II: Disappointed with President Trump

Prince Albert II of Monaco says U.S. President Donald Trump has not responded to his letter addressing climate concerns and that it's a terrible shame Trump and the U.S. backed out of the Paris Agreement, but that he's inspired by city and state leaders sticking by their commitments.

Prince Albert II on the dangers of overfishing

Prince Albert II of Monaco discusses the dangers of overfishing, including the potential for a drastic reduction in fish population within 40 years.

Aboard Prince Albert's 108-year-old sailboat

Prince Albert II of Monaco gives Graham a tour of his sailboat, "Tuiga," and discusses why Monaco is a top sailing destination. Prince Albert also recalls his cherished childhood memories of sailing in the harbor with his mother, Princess Grace Kelly.

Behind the Scenes: Prince Albert II Monaco taping

Behind the scenes footage of the In Depth crew's two-day adventure in Monaco with Prince Albert II.