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Graham sits down with 15-time NBA All-Star and four-time NBA champion, Shaquille O'Neal. The former MVP discusses growing up poor, his inspirations to achieve greatness and a Knicks game that changed his life. Shaq also sheds light on how he motivated Kobe Bryant and his biggest regrets in his career. After the interview, Shaq and Graham goof off on Shaq's in-home basketball court and around the Orlando mansion.

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The post-retirement Shaq Summit that built business

Shaquille O'Neal - who makes millions from endorsements - said he's focused on partnerships and having fun

How Shaq engages his 10 million Twitter followers

Shaquille O'Neal realized the power of Twitter when his L.A.-based followers were sprinting towards him

Shaq's biggest business mistake: turning down Starbucks

Shaquille O'Neal recalls a missed opportunity with Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz and a lesson from a car wash

How Shaq spent $1 Million in one day

Shaquille O'Neal says he sought financial advice so he didn't end up like "all the other athletes"

A seizure converted Shaq from bully to class clown

Shaquille O'Neal talks about embracing his inner nerd and the moment he decided to stop beating other kids up

A young Shaq's vow to provide for his family

Because of his grandma's belief and his mom's support, Shaquille O'Neal vowed to get his family out of poverty

Shaq: Dad and a Knicks game changed my life forever

Shaquille O'Neal on a relationship with his dad built on respect, and inspiration to take basketball serious

Shaq on abstaining, winning, crying during high school

Shaquille O'Neal on being cut from varsity freshman year to leading school to state championship senior year

Shaq on Jerry West and his "old man strength"

Shaquille O'Neal recalls going on a tear after a loss in the Finals and being put in his place by Jerry West

Shaq: Kobe Bryant and I are the best 1-2 punch ever

Shaquille O'Neal on how he motivated Kobe Bryant and says they are the most controversial duo in NBA history

Shaq: I never worked hard in practice

Shaquille O'Neal on "chilling out" during practice and how Phil Jackson helped him win the MVP award

Shaq's three regrets

Shaquille O'Neal shares his short list of regrets from his NBA career, which includes Wilt Chamberlain

Shaq's different approach when playing with Dwyane Wade

Shaquille O'Neal on taking a different approach when playing with Dwyane Wade than with Kobe Bryant

Shaq on helping others when no one is looking

Shaquille O'Neal talks about the fulfillment he gets from his charity work, seen and unseen

Shaq says he literally couldn't hang with SWAT training

Shaquille O'Neal on his love of law enforcement, a tough rope climbing test and his desire to be sheriff

Shaq on business: You talk to me. Don't look at my agent

Shaquille O'Neal discusses why he went back for various degrees and his latest goal: pursuing a law degree

Exploring Shaq's 70,000 square-foot mansion

Shaquille O'Neal shows Graham Bensinger around his home in Orlando, and helps Bensinger dunk