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Season 4: Terrell Owens

In Depth with Terrell Owens

In their 2005 interview, T.O.’s comments to Graham resulted in his suspension from the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of the season. During their first conversation in eight years, T.O. discusses his new outlook on life, notable career moments, retirement, and Donovan McNabb. Plus, T.O. takes Graham bowling.

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Terrell Owens and his life coach sit down with Graham to discuss the process of opening up.


Graham Bensinger and Terrell Owens apologize to each other for their 2005 interview that led to his suspension from the Eagles. 


Terrell Owens explains why playing with Jerry Rice meant so much to him and his career


Terrell Owens details his devastating 2004 broken leg and his determined comeback to play in the Super Bowl.


Terrell Owens on his tough upbringing, his grandmother, and learning who his father was. 


Terrell Owens on irresponsibility leading to financial troubles and lessons learned from agent Drew Rosenhaus


Terrell Owens on how his relationship changed with Donovan McNabb after a verbal altercation in the huddle


Terrell Owens on how he is changing as a person and why his touchdown celebrations became controversial.


Terrell Owens tells Graham Bensinger he will always be viewed as the guy who destroys locker rooms.


Terrell Owens tells Graham Bensinger about his training, diet and impromptu exercises keeping him in shape.


Terrell Owens takes a question from Kendra Wilkinson, WE tv star of “Kendra on Top,” premiering September 13